I prefer to shop at big box stores due to bigger selection and lower prices, why should I come to 4 Paws Holistic?

  1. Quality over quantity. We put considerable amount of thought and research into our selection process to ensure that the products we carry are safe. All our food and treats have been tested and approved by our own pets, too!
  2. When you buy from an independent, locally owned business, more of your money goes directly back into the local economy that supports other independent retailers. Small businesses accounted for 65% of all net new jobs created in the past 17 years.
  3. You will never be ignored at our store since customers are the heart of our business! We take great care and pride into what we feed our own animals and want to make sure our customers receive that same commitment.
  4. We strive to support local animal rescues by donating pet food, supplies and services to several organizations such as Second Harvest Pet Food Bank, Family Addition Dog Rescue, American Pitbull Foundation, Wish Haven Animal Rehabilitation and Coalition to Unchain Dogs.

I don’t see the brand of food I normally buy for my dog or cat. How come?

It’s very important for us to provide your animal with the best nutrition. We do not stock or recommend foods sold at grocery stores or vet’s offices since they are made up of inferior ingredients such corn, wheat, soy, byproducts and artificial colors/preservatives.

We believe that the food your pet consumes has the power to nurture or harm, therefore it would be unethical of us to sell something that could be harmful to your pet. Feeding a low quality food can result in chronically compromised immune system leading to health issues we commonly see today such as obesity, diabetes, IBS/Colitis, allergies, hot spots, dry/dull coats, dental problems, kidney disease and cancer.

The first thing we do when a new customer comes into the store is assess the needs of the cat or dog and work with you to find the exact product that will keep your animal healthy and happy! We also recommend that owners who are switching to a high quality food read the labels of their animals food, that is best indicator of what products are actually going into the food. Our products are hand selected because of their superior quality!

Why don’t you sell puppies at your store?

Majority of pet store puppies come from commercial breeding facilities or puppy mills. They are raised in extremely cruel conditions and suffer a lifetime of abuse and neglect. Health and well-being is not a priority for these breeders and most of the puppies are riddled with congenital diseases and parasites.

Instead we advocate for rescuing, adopting or finding a reputable breeder who invests in proper health and temperament testing and screens every home that the puppy goes to.

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